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How to make an GR8 Pizza Dough (Stage 1 Poolish)

Making a great Pizza dough- Step 1 Poolish

Sourced from a number of experts but I follow: Vito

Please I do not pretend to be an expert in the mysteries of Pizza dough but as someone who have been watching and trying different recipes and methods over the last 18 months, I am keen to pass on the recipe that has been most successful most of the time.

Hopefully on day soon I will crack the video and out this to screen but until then it’s on the blog.

I have tried a number of recipes as I said above some really easy and just about all have worked so that’s good…

But it seems to me the best success I have had is using the Poolish method….

Poolish, you say??

Well, it’s just a fancy word for pre fermenting the yeast.

Or as my wife says. MAKING THE MOTHER…

Here is the recipe.

Step one: Please note this step is to be completed the day before you are to cook the final pizza -24 hrs.

Making the Poolish….

“If you are able, I find it easier to get your ingredients in separate bowls ready to assemble”

  1. 300gms of Room temp water
  2. 300gms flour – “Ideally 00 but I just use std flour and it works fine “
  3. 3 gms Dry Yeast.: Everyone says fresh is best but as a kiwi male I have never seen fresh yeast so I use (Bakels Instant Active died yeast) we got from New World during lock down when the shelves were bare and it’s a big packet so I will be using it for a while but it works a treat….
  4. 5 Gms Honey, we just use kids honey, but I Guess you can try different ones the squeezy is just easy….

Assemble the Ingredients

  • So, I just use a square Tupperware container as you can put the lid on and put it in the fridge …
  • Then assemble the Poolish in this order
  • Put the three ingredients together Item’s 1 – Water, 3- Dry Yeast, 4 -Honey Mix well and let sit for 2-3 minutes before adding the flour and again mixing well until it’s all combined, and you have a watery flour mix…….



Poolish stage 1


That’s it Poolish Made ……

  • Leave for 1 hr. at Room Temp
  • Refrigerate overnight – Best for 24 Hrs. in a sealed container

When you pull this out of the fridge the next day it should look like a big cloud of Poolish tripled in size and squishy….


 poolish after 24 hrs

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