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PIzza oven tools NZ Pizza Peels -The Must have Item?

It’s been a Question that quite rightly I get asked all the time "What tools do I need now I have my new Woodfired Oven"

My response usually comes as a question, actually two questions.

What type of Oven do you have? 

What are you cooking?

The reason for the double response is the range of ovens these days is enormous, and the popularity of the Benchtop pellet or gas fuelled ovens will change the requirements over the traditional large woodfired oven with a metre or more to the back wall.

I think there are two main tools you cannot do without in my opinion

The first is the Launching Peel, If you want to have trouble free loading of you freshly made Pizza the create your master piece on a Pizza board or stone / wooden Bench. Use the Launching peel dusted with flour and slide under the Pizza, once on re stretch to the perfect size and transfer to your oven, place the pie in the oven  far edge first and withdraw the launching peel and all your topping are still in place and you can leave your base to crust before moving the pizza.


 By far the most used tool is the Round Pizza Peel,

once you have loaded the Pizza you only need the Round turning peel.

When the base has crusted you can move your Pizza around towards or away from the heat, you can adjust the coals or a burning log with the turning peel and of course you can remove the Pizza from the oven.

Rhys -Pizza Oven Tools NZ

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